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assignmentBeing a student is something people who have not experienced it wish to. One has to balance school work, friends and family. It is sometimes quite hard with all the workload one has, and assignment submission is student’s greatest enemy.

A lot of people assume that if one is not doing their school assignment they are out partying. People have been lead to believe having fun is in the student’s diary but it is not always the case. Some students after joining spot a business need and go out of their way to make a living out of it. Others join the most active clubs become leaders and most times these fall guilty of never completing any assignment.

What are some of the causes of poor assignment performance? Procrastination. In college, most classes happen once in a week hence a student decides to do the assignment the next day, the day after and before they know it the next lecture is on. Laziness is also a contributing factor. It, therefore, leads to one duplicating their friends work or directly copy pasting from the internet. At times, this happens unintentionally. One could have been busy with co-curriculum activities that they keep ignoring their class work.


Student life is a fun career that if most were given a chance they would work in this department forever. It is like the very first time one was left home alone. The freedom one had but now every single day over and over the semester. Is that not amazing? One major problem with student life is money. Lack of it or too much of it, either way there is a problem. Those with too much of it are always going on road trips partying and paying off others to do that assignment they were given in their last class. On the other hand, those without much money look for ways legal and illegal to make their ends meet.

Life as a student could entail so much. Some devote their part time in dong what they love most. It could be spoken words, comedy, and acting and in concentrating on these, they forget they had the assignment to do. It narrows down to balancing one’s social life and the assignment given.

Finally, everyone should have a life away from books. It helps one to get out of their comfort zone. The exposure gained could be the beginning of your career. One can do that without putting aside any assignment. However, do not forget to set time for that activity that interests you.  

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